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Local Grill Views Stream of Football Championships

BLACKFOOT – It’s an exciting night for local high school football teams with the state championships. Locals and fans are getting ready for their teams to win. One restaurant is joining in on the fun. I stopped by earlier to find out if this idea was a winner.
Firth, Blackfoot, and Shelley football teams are just a few of the local teams that made it to state. Tommy Vaughn’s Grill in Blackfoot is celebrating by watching the live stream of the games. Fans are looking forward to saving gas money and enjoying good food and drinks in the comfort of their favorite local restaurant.
One patron, Dell Orton, stated, “A few years ago we had a kid playing football and we had to drive clear to Moscow to watch it. We could have stayed home and watched it if they would do this more often.”
This is the first year of doing this, but the owner is expecting big crowds especially for the Blackfoot Game.
“It’s a combination between not having to drive to Boise through the weather. We have food, beverages, television’s everywhere, a great crowd. It’s going to be a really good community feel and we’re excited to have everyone come down,” added the General Manager, Tyler Rupe.
“It’s a cool idea and it saved me gas money,” said another customer, Lorna Koontz.
Other fans express this is a great option for grandparents and little one’s of players who don’t want to travel, or have trouble getting around football stadiums, but still want to cheer them on.
One Firth Fan, Billie Ellsworth said, “I used to go down to the mini dome, but I don’t get down there very often anymore, so I think its great to have this down here.”
“Go Blackfoot,” was the cheer of Brysin, Landin and Daxtin Gallegos.
I’m sure fans at Tommy Vaughn’s were super excited since Blackfoot won, 48 to 19. The live stream is a production of

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